Longbow ranked number ONE for the Most Productive Broker by StarMine

Longbow is pleased to recognize the following analysts who placed among the top three in the StarMine Analyst Awards for the U.S. region. The StarMine Analyst Awards are part of the Thomson Reuters Awards for Excellence, a global family of awards that celebrate exceptional performance throughout the professional investment community.

Longbow Research ranked number ONE for the Most Productive Broker.  The Productive Broker award goes to the firm that has earned the highest number of individual analyst awards relative to the total number of qualifying analysts in their firm. To be considered for this award, a firm must have a minimum of ten analysts who qualified for a 2014 StarMine Analyst Award.

Garik Shmois and Chris Olin were all recognized in the 2017 Starmine Analyst Awards.  Garik Shmois won for both stock-picking and earnings estimate accuracy.  Chris Olin won for stock-picking.

Now in its 13th year, Longbow Research is a leading independent research firm serving the institutional community. For investors seeking alpha and primary market insight, our survey work together with our deep cyclical focus are designed to deliver a meaningful performance edge and real time transparency on less efficient areas of the marketplace.