about us

As the Finance Industry evolves, Longbow Research wants to stay true to its roots as a pure Primary Research firm. We built our reputation supporting Institutional Investors around the globe who rely on us for actionable channel intelligence on our sectors of expertise in U.S. Equities. However, with increasing regulation decoupling trading from research, and price pressure on active management fees, this has meant evolving away from traditional agency trading as a means of partnering with our clients.

As such, at the end of 2Q 2019, Longbow has chosen to partner strictly on a CSA or direct revenue basis with our clients and no longer provides direct trading through a dedicated agency desk. We sincerely appreciate the many years of support from both our traders and our customers who executed through our desk. Looking forward, we welcome all customers, new and old, who wish to build with us in this direction our industry has chosen. Longbow Research remains more than ever, an independent U.S. institutional equity research firm.