about us
Longbow Research publishes survey reports, company reports and industry reports.

This is our focal point at Longbow Research. In the highly competitive institutional asset management business, investors have come to rely on Longbow Research for our commitment to their success.

First, we provide unique insights and primary data on specific companies, supply channels and industries. These unique insights are gathered in-house through more than 100 periodical market surveys, supply channel checks, retail polls and an extensive network of industry contacts. Thorough work at this level allows us to identify key trends as well as potential catalysts.

Second, from this foundational research come actionable ideas. Our valuation work combined with our sensitivity to catalysts allow our industry analysts to develop and advance an investment thesis on each company we cover. We are looking for mis-priced securities and the catalysts that will trigger a correction to fair value.

Third, we endeavor to put this work into our client's hands in a timely manner in an effort to help them achieve maximum investment results.

Our entire research process is aimed at providing our clients with a tactical advantage in their efforts to outperform their peers.

Internally, our analysts are compensated primarily on client support and stock-picking. We pride ourselves in having a buy-side stock-picking culture within a sell-side business model.

We also provide a number of other related value-added services, including:

  • Corporate access conferences and NDR's
  • Operational tours and field trips
  • Custom research projects


Longbow Research was established in 2003 to provide the institutional equity research market with a high quality, independent product, free from the many conflicts of interest that plagued bulge-bracket research at that time.

Initially, the firm consisted only of analysts producing in-depth research on a short list of companies. In 2004, Longbow Research hired its first salespeople and also established an agency-only trading desk to facilitate client payment for the research. While this marked the beginning of our sell-side business model, we have strived to maintain our buy-side stock-picking research culture.

Today, Longbow Research has moved beyond the start-up phase and is growing rapidly. We have opened offices in New York City and San Francisco and have also established an international research survey offering to cover a number of important supply channels in Europe, Latin America and Asia. While we have grown from that small group of analysts, we remain committed to our research tools and to our client's investment success.


David MacGregor, CFA

CEO/Senior Analyst

Andrew Sinclair, CFA

Director of Sales

Pat Hearns

Director of Research